Based in New York City, Lior Reuveni is a renowned photographer and videographer, celebrated for her captivating work in both static and moving imagery. With an innate passion for the arts, she has seamlessly woven creativity into a prolific career spanning more than a decade.

The journey into visual storytelling began during Lior’s time at Boston University’s Institute for Television, Radio, and Film Production. As a producer, editor, and director, she honed skills that laid the foundation for a remarkable career, creating commercial spots and news segments.

In 2004, immersion into the dynamic world of television saw Lior interning with production teams of popular shows such as “Scrubs,” where she orchestrated on-set tours for auction winners and contributed to post-production processes and played a pivotal role in the success of hit series like “House” and “Prison Breakā€.

Entering the professional landscape at DWJ Television, she served as the Coordinating Producer and Field Producer from 2006 to 2007 with responsibilities ranging from concept development to post-production, overseeing projects like live satellite media tours for major events.

2008 saw Lior extending her talents to the big screen as a Stubbs stage crew volunteer at the South by Southwest Music Festival, offering vital support at the front gate and backstage entrance.

Lior’s influence in the music scene is showcased through her freelance videography work with Roxwel in 2010. During which, her lens captured electrifying performances by renowned artists like Phoenix, Lady Antebellum, Cannibal Corpse, and more.

2010 marked a significant milestone with the launch of her venture. As the owner, videographer, and editor, she delivered professional, high-quality video production and photography covering a wide range of services from concert production to interviews, documentaries, and music videos.

Her journey led her to Rainmaker Artists/Brando Records, where she established and directed the in-house video department. Notable projects included music videos, documentaries, live concert footage, and promotional material for artists like Blue October, Bowling For Soup, and Carbon Leaf.

Beyond the commercial realm, Lior has been an integral part of the Playing For Change Foundation since 2017, contributing her videography skills to capture street musicians and special guests performing for the organization’s “songs around the world.” The foundation, a non-profit entity, raises funds to build music schools in struggling economic communities worldwide.

Lior Reuveni’s journey is not merely a collection of professional accomplishments but a testament to an unwavering passion for visual storytelling and dedication to contributing meaningfully to the worlds of music and media. Her lens continues to capture the essence of the human experience, one piece at a time.